Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Our First Evening Out in San Miguel de Allende During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dinner at Hank's New Orlean's Cafe and Oyster Bar

Masked Up and Ready to Enter Hank's
     Masks are just one of the strict requirements for going into public in San Miguel de Allende during the COVID-19 pandemic. We noticed that most people wear them here, though it appears that it’s acceptable to slide your mask down around your neck if you’re walking down the street eating an ice cream cone. Good idea!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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Monday, November 25, 2019


A Wonderful Adventure When Family Comes to Visit 

     Jon and I splurged on a week of fun tourist activities when my sister, Cindy and her husband, Al came to visit us in Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita this month! Usually, we live pretty much like the locals in Sayulita. But this was a perfect time to take a catamaran trip to the Marietas Islands where we were looking forward to snorkeling. Vallarta Adventures Eco Discovery Tour included even more enjoyable activities than we expected.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Traveling Mailbox LLC Simplifies Mail Forwarding
           We are frequently asked how we deal with our bills and mail now that we live in México most of the year. So, I decided it was high time I described the process we use. Hopefully this information will help others solve one of the technical difficulties of escaping the rat race north of the border.
Traveling Mailbox LLC is a mail forwarding service that simplifies our lives while living and traveling in Mexico and the United States. Our method of using this handy service has evolved over the years to further simplify receiving mail and packages no matter where we are in our travels. But before I get into explaining how it works for us, let me tell you the first, most important step in simplifying mail issues while living and traveling in México.
Sold Our Home & Became Full-Time RVers, Minimizing Mailed Bills
          Most Important Step: Eliminate Bills! We sold our cars, sold our home in the U.S., paid cash for our motorhome, and stopped using credit cards. That took care of all mortgage and loan payment bills as well as all of the property tax bills, utility bills, and other high expenses that go along with property ownership in the U.S. (You might like to read more about that process in my article MONEYAIN'T EVERYTHING!: Our Road to a Simpler, Healthier Life”.) We even cancelled our U.S. cell phone contracts with Sprint and Verizon—no more bills. We bought an inexpensive Nokia 2 phone and use it with a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go H20 plan in the U.S. and Telcel in Mexico, making payments online.
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Saturday, May 19, 2018

JUST ANOTHER MANIC MOMENT: My Novel is Now Available!

A Love Story Set in Mexico and Oregon

Explores the Challenges of Depression and Bipolar Disorder

A Novel: In Sickness and In Health #1
     Exciting news! My novel Just Another Manic Moment is now available on Amazon worldwide! Scroll down to read the book description. Grab your copy now, just $2.99 or FREE with kindleunlimited at:
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I have been writing this story for over two years, intertwining the love of two people with the complex challenges of mental illness. Of course, living in Mexico plays a part in this tale, as the search for treatments evolve and the hope for a healthier life unfolds.
My goal in writing this novel was to focus more attention on depression and bipolar disorder, in hopes that more people who suffer from these mental illnesses will seek and receive appropriate treatment. Bipolar disorder affects millions of people in the world. The numbers are difficult to determine because many never seek treatment, numerous men and women with untreated and under-treated mental illness ending up in the homeless community. 
According to a NationalAlliance on Mental Health fact sheet produced by the College of Psychiatric and Neurological Pharmacists, "Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder (mental illness) which exposes people to these mood changes over the course of time. Bipolar disorder affects more than two million Americans each year, but patients with this disorder can lead fulfilling lives when they receive proper treatment. Unfortunately, many of those with this illness don't receive treatment."
RV Life on the Beach in Mazatlan, Mexico
...that has been my second most popular blog article of all time. This indicates to me that many of my readers have an interest in this topic, either because they themselves have one of these disorders or someone close to them may suffer with one.
While I hope this novel is enjoyed by many, it may be of special interest to those who deal with mental illness on a daily basis in one way or another. This story illustrates that life includes times of love, romance, struggles, and pain. But, in the end, there is hope and help.

Book Description:
When Lindsay and Jake fell in love, it was magnetic and powerful. Jake declared that the “chemistry of love” pulled them together, that they were split-aparts, lucky to have found each other. Lindsay agreed, ecstatic that she had found her soulmate. When they exchanged wedding vows, they meant every word. …for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death…”
Then Jake was diagnosed with clinical depression, a major depressive disorder that took the joy from his life. Later, periods of rage and anger changed his personality, testing his relationship with Lindsay. A phase of manic euphoria and frenzied spending forced Lindsay to take drastic measures.
Jake’s revised diagnosis of bipolar disorder, a manic-depressive illness, a radical brain disorder, caused the wonderful life he and Lindsay had built to begin to disintegrate. Would their wedding vows be enough to get them through the strain on their marriage? Could Lindsay tolerate the chaos caused by Jake’s severe mood swings, high energy and activity levels during periods of mania, replaced by months of sadness, anxiety, isolation, and despair when depression took over?
Would Lindsay be able to keep her vow “to have and to hold… in sickness and in health…”? Bipolar disorder and depression, mental health issues, fell into the category of sickness, but no one warned her it would be this difficult.
After years of psychiatrist visits, medication changes, counseling sessions, and other recommended therapy for Jake’s bipolar disorder, his moods still were not stabilized. Would newly discovered gene assays and blood tests indicate choices for a better treatment? Would escaping their stressful lifestyle and moving to México give Jake and Lindsay the new start their relationship needed?
Lindsay was determined to find the answer to balancing Jake’s brain chemistry so he would return to her as the split-apart she had fallen in love with. She hoped the chemistry of love would hold them together long enough to overcome this horrible disorder.
Get your copy of Just Another Manic Moment on Amazon:
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Saturday, March 24, 2018


A Day in the Lives of Jon and Terry in México

     We are frequently asked, “Do you get bored living in México? What do you do all day?” It was time to try to describe why we have not experienced one day of boredom in the three years since we moved here. “A day in the lives of Jon and Terry”, after retiring in México, is anything but boring.
View From Our Yoga Class in Sayulita
      I decided to track one of our typical days with photos. When I looked at the thirty-six photos and three videos I took throughout our day, I wondered how we ever had time to hold down full-time jobs!     Our plan was to start the day with a 9:30 yoga class at Don Pedro’s palapa. What a view we would enjoy from the palapa overlooking the ocean and our village, Sayulita! Well, okay, we do have to take care of some everyday tasks on our way out the door, the typical morning routines… put the... Click HERE to continue reading.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018


It's Great to Relax Here, But Not Too Much!

Jon Gets Pretty Lazy Reading on the Couch

     Retirement in México is bliss. The weather where we live is perfect all winter and spring, really most of the year. We throw the doors and windows open each morning and…get lazy. Jon settles onto the couch, reading a western novel and doesn’t move for hours. I sit down at my desk to write until I realize hours have gone by and my Fitbit is nagging me to get moving.
     We walk a lot more in México than we did in the U.S. Every other day we walk at a good clip to town for dinner, and then we kind of stroll home after sharing a small green salad and shrimp Alfredo, one order of flan, and each drinking two Margaritas. Our bathroom scale tells on us when we have been too lazy and eating too well the day before, reporting that our weight went up two pounds from that delicious dinner the previous night. I guess walking to and from dinner isn’t enough.
Yoga Class with Jim Gallas at the Don Pedro Palapa
     We realized pretty quickly after retiring that we had to make ourselves get more exercise or we would turn into blimps, living the good life here in México. So, we started attending Zumba and yoga classes. We put two classes per week on our calendar as a minimum and then shoot for attending a third. That has helped a lot! If it’s on our calendar, we make it happen. We enjoy yoga with Jim Gallas in the Don Pedro palapa, a beautiful setting overlooking the ocean. Walking a mile each way to the class, uphill both ways, of course, gives us an extra workout. For variation, we have attended yoga classes at Hotelito Los Sueños and at Heart Shala Yoga Studio, both a pleasure. We find that yoga classes help us stay physically stronger and more flexible, as well as improving our mental health.
     But what about aerobic exercise? To read more about the many exercise opportunities we have living in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico, click Retirement Before the Age of 59: GETTING UP OFF THE COUCH AND EXERCISING After Retirement in Mexico.
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