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Do you dream of a restful vacation or maybe an adventure in an RV? Do you envision yourself on a warm beach somewhere, with a tropical drink in your hand, your feet in the sand, and the sound of gently lapping waves lulling you into a state of bliss?

Do you imagine living a healthier, more active life? Maybe you dream of Salsa dancing under the stars or the "sassy exercise" of Zumba® on the beach? Does "sassy exercise" for you mean rollerblading, bicycling, or jogging on the boardwalk? Do golf, tennis, surfing and snorkeling any time you want sound like your ideal plan for "Healthy Living in Mexico"?

Are you held back by concerns? Do you find yourself asking, as many do, "Is it safe to drive in Mexico?" or "Is it safe to live in Mexico?" Come along with Jon and Terry on their tenth motorhome trip to Mexico, and find out how safe, happy and healthy they feel living in Mexico.

Jon and Terry have shared the dream of a better life in Mexico with hundreds of thousands of Americans, but they have brought their dream to life! Discover how you too can escape to A SIMPLER LIFE with SUNSHINE in the winter, SASSY EXERCISE in the great outdoors, and delicious SAVORY FOOD created with the freshest, tastiest ingredients, all year long!

Check out my August Edition of the monthly newsletter by clicking the link below:
August Newsletter--Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Puerto Vallarta Fun Day: Vallarta Botanical Gardens and Lunch at Hacienda de Oro

One of the Pleasures of Living in Mexico

Hacienda de Oro Restaurant and Coy Pond
     Visiting the Vallarta Botanical Gardens and having lunch at the restaurant in the Garden, Hacienda de Oro, has been on my Bucket List for years. I'm so glad we finally planned a day trip to go there!
Beautiful Orchids Under One of Two Shade Covers
     I wrote about our first, failed attempt to tour this botanical garden in my book, "Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico". We were driving our motorhome south along the coast of mainland Mexico, leaving the Puerto Vallarta area on Hwy 200. I was so excited to visit the Gardens that day! We had it programmed into our GPS and had planned our trip to arrive in time for lunch at the Hacienda de Oro. But when we slowed to turn into the gate, we could see there was no place to park our motorhome. We were forced to drive on by and keep the Vallarta Botanical Gardens on our Bucket List for another year.
     This time, I wanted to be sure there were no glitches in our plan to visit the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Checking their website, I could see the Gardens were open. I called them the morning of our trip to ask if the restaurant would be open that day. We didn't want to arrive hungry, only to find the restaurant closed. I had read an article years ago that said the dining experience is half the fun of going to the Gardens, so I was hopeful they would be open. Unfortunately, no one answered the phone, so we ate a light lunch at a beach restaurant in Puerto Vallarta's Romantic Zone before walking to catch the bus that goes to the Gardens. That worked out for the best! The restaurant was open, but we weren't hungry when we arrived about 1:00, so we hiked five of the many trails, looked at endless exotic plants, and worked up a good appetite. By 4:00, we were ready for refreshments. The restaurant closes at 5:00, so we had plenty of time for a delicious Margarita and a Caesar Salad with Large Shrimp, all beautifully served, decorated with colorful, edible flowers. I was happy that we were able to dine at the lovely restaurant, half of the reason to visit the Gardens!
Jon and Terry Enjoying Lunch at Hacienda de Oro
     One trail led from the Hacienda de Oro through a delightful rock garden with colorful, exotic tropical plants that I had never seen before. Many were labeled with their botanical names.
     The Orchid Conservatory was my favorite area of the Gardens. Not only... to read more and view more photos of the beautiful Vallarta Botanical Gardens, click HERE

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HEALTHY LIVING AND TRAVELING IN MEXICO, the eBook is Available on Amazon!

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A Search For Sunshine, Sassy Exercise, Savory Food, and a Simpler Life

The eBook is Available on Amazon Worldwide!

Terry is my wonderful zumba instructor. I relate totally to her plan. 
There is so much more to life and giving back than working beyond 
your ability to live a healthy contented life. An excellent read and guide.

By Candace Rivero

GREAT tips with contact info for favorite locales in Mexico cities - some
with RV parks for RVers. This author discovered Zumba classes and 
shares her enthusiasm for the fun classes along their many travels. 
Reading this book took me on a virtual trip thru my favorite places in 
Mexico this weekend. Looking forward to the next book Terry wrote about retiring at 59. I am past that mark at this point but will soak up all her
advice so that I too can follow their path along the coast.

Book Description

Do you dream of a restful vacation or maybe an adventure in an RV? Do you envision yourself on a warm beach somewhere, with a tropical drink in your hand, your feet in the sand, and the sound of gently lapping waves lulling you into a state of bliss?

Do you imagine living a healthier, more active life? Maybe you dream of Salsa dancing under the stars or the "sassy exercise" of Zumba® on the beach? Does "sassy exercise" for you mean rollerblading, bicycling, or jogging on the boardwalk? Do golf, tennis, surfing and snorkeling any time you want sound like your ideal plan for "Healthy Living in Mexico"?

Are you held back by concerns? Do you find yourself asking, as many do, "Is it safe to drive in Mexico?" or "Is it safe to live in Mexico?" Come along with Jon and Terry on their tenth motorhome trip to Mexico, and find out how safe, happy and healthy they feel living in Mexico.

Jon and Terry have shared the dream of a better life in Mexico with hundreds of thousands of Americans, but they have brought their dream to life! Discover how you too can escape to A SIMPLER LIFE with SUNSHINE in the winter, SASSY EXERCISE in the great outdoors, and delicious SAVORY FOOD created with the freshest, tastiest ingredients, all year long!

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The eBook is Available Worldwide on Amazon!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bringing Your Pet into Mexico: New 2017 Laws are Being Enforced!

Avoid a 2-Hour Delay When Entering Mexico!

Bella is Ready to Get Out of Her Pet Carrier
     Flying into Mexico last week with Bella, our miniature dachshund, turned into a nightmare. We flew into the Puerto Vallarta International airport, as we have many times in the past 17 years, and proceeded, as always, to the Mexican Agricultural desk (zoo sanitary kiosk with the acronym SAGARPA) before entering Customs (Aduana). We presented the documents that have always been accepted, a current rabies vaccination certificate and a Health Certificate from a vet in the U.S. that had been prepared two days before travel. We have always successfully imported our dogs using these papers whether we flew or drove into Mexico, though they were rarely asked for when we drove across the border.
     Things aren’t that simple with dog and cat importation into Mexico anymore. We found out the hard way that there is a new, more stringent law regarding cats and dogs entering Mexico, effective January 1, 2017. Apparently, Mexico started enforcing the new requirements in February 2017 and neither our U.S. vet nor our Mexican vet in Sayulita knew about the changes because both of our current Health Certificates from these vets were unacceptable when we presented our documents to the SAGARPA agent at the Puerto Vallarta airport. It was going to be a long afternoon.
SAGARPA is the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture
     The Mexican Agriculture Department (SAGARPA) agent patiently explained the new requirements to us, then told us that we could not bring our dog into Mexico without obtaining a valid Health Certificate. In addition to the Rabies Vaccination certification, the vet must now certify (provide proof of) two additional health conditions: To read more, click this link: 
Retirement Before the Age of 59: Bringing Your Pet into Mexico: New 2017 Laws are B... 

     For more information on healthy living and traveling in Mexico, take a look at my two eBooks, available on Amazon:
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"Look Inside" this eBook by Clicking HERE

Thursday, April 6, 2017

FIGHTING MOSQUITOES: Preventing the Spread of Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika

Fighting the Aedes Mosquitoes
We Had Chikungunya in 2015

Now We're on a Mission to Fight Mosquitoes & Mosquito Bites!

     We've all heard about Zika. But what about Chikungunya and Dengue? All three of these viral infections are spread by mosquitoes in many parts of the world. The Aedes mosquitoes, when infected with Chikungunya or Dengue viruses can transmit these illnesses to people through mosquito bites. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), local transmissions of these viruses have been reported throughout the Americas, including Mexico. The CDC also reports that mosquitoes infected with Zika virus are in Mexico and spreading it to people. There are two ways to battle the spread of these viral illnesses. First, minimize the reproduction of mosquitoes. Secondly, prevent mosquito bites to minimize the transmission of the virus and spread of the infection.
Ready for our First Christmas, Our Exterior Wall was so Pretty!
     It happened the first week in December 2015, a week after we moved into our casita (little house) in Mexico. Jon spent an afternoon scrubbing the exterior of our garden wall so it would be nice and clean when he put up the Christmas lights. They looked so pretty and we were excited about spending our first Christmas in "paradise".
     The next morning Jon awoke stiff and sore, his joints aching, and he thought he had just overdone it with his wall-scrubbing the day before. The following day, he didn't get out of bed, the pain and fever were debilitating. I kept him supplied with ibuprofen, chicken broth, and purified drinking water. (We later learned that acetaminophen is the pain reliever of choice until Dengue fever can be ruled out, in order to avoid internal bleeding.) For the next week, he rarely got out of bed. From internet research, I determined that Jon probably had either Dengue Fever or Chikungunya, both transmitted by mosquitoes. Had he been bitten while working around the garden plants? He hadn't noticed any mosquitoes and didn't find any bites, but it was the logical conclusion that one of the tiny mosquitoes that carry Chikungunya had gotten him. Was our beautiful garden and the nearby jungle to blame for bringing mosquitoes to our new home?
Was Our Beautiful Garden to Blame?
     Getting up to go to the bathroom was a major ordeal because his ankles and the joints in his feet seemed to be affected the most. Standing up wasn't too bad, but walking was excruciatingly painful. We had learned that this is one common symptom of Chikungunya, so we self-diagnosed the illness. The inflammation and stiffness (arthritis) in the feet was so painful that he walked with a flat-footed shuffle, as though the ankles and feet couldn't flex. We named this duck-like way of walking the "Chikungunya Shuffle", and tried to laugh about it to lighten our moods.
     I wasn't laughing any longer when I developed the same symptoms a week later. The joint pain was right up there with the level of a childbirth contraction, except it didn't let up, even while taking 800mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours. The itchy rash on my torso was just an annoyance compared to the joint pain. Thank goodness, Jon had mostly recovered and could now take care of me.
Was the Jungle Next to Our Yard Bringing Mosquitoes?
     I was probably bitten by a mosquito that had first bitten Jon, thereby transferring the virus to me. The typical incubation period for Chikungunya is... To Read More, click on this link:
Retirement Before the Age of 59: FIGHTING MOSQUITOES: Preventing the Spread of Deng...:
     Read more about our adventures and retirement in Mexico in my eBook available at Amazon by clicking HERE
"Retirement Before the Age of 59" eBook

Saturday, March 4, 2017

7 Reason I'm Charged About Buying and Using My New Fitbit 'Charge 2' in Mexico


Fitbit® 'Charge 2' Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband

My 4-Year-Old Fitbit 'One', Battered & Dusty, Still Worked!
     Losing an item like my Fitbit 'One' while living in Mexico can be a very upsetting experience. Some may smirk at this remark, especially if they live in a country where they can simply log in to Amazon and order anything they need, finding it delivered to their doorstep in two days. But, replacing my Fitbit was not going to be that easy while living in Mexico. I had to find a way to purchase a new one! I rely on by Fitbit to get me moving in the morning and keep me moving until, hopefully, I reach my 10,000 steps for the day. After retirement, with no job to get me going, it has become important to have another motivator that keeps me from becoming too sedentary.
In 2016 My Weekly Stat Reports Kept Me Motivated
     My Fitbit ‘One’ has been my motivator for over four years and I depend on it! It motivates me to teach my Zumba class with energy and enthusiasm, dancing and exercising the best I can for a 60-year-old woman, and then announces after class that I have reached at least 5500 steps, giving me a great sense of accomplishment. It encourages me to go for a walk on the beach with Bella and my husband, Jon, stretching our walk from the south end to the north end of the Sayulita Beach if we feel up to it, giving us at least 4000 steps. When we walk to town for dinner, cruise around the plaza in downtown Sayulita to see what festivities are going on, and then stroll back home, my Fitbit gives me a figurative pat on the back for a healthy, active day by reporting that I exceeded 10,000 step for the day.
     Recently, the well-used clasp on my Fitbit ‘One’ gave out and I had to begin wearing it in my pocket or tied tightly to my shoelaces. One morning, as I prepared to teach Zumba class, I couldn’t find it! I searched every pair of jeans, my Zumba bag, my nightstand, the recharging plug on my desk… it had disappeared. What was I going to do? I had to teach Zumba without a Fitbit, and it was very disappointing to be without feedback about how energetic I had been during class.
No Fitbit Feedback During Zumba was Disappointing
     I needed a new motivator. So I started to research how I could purchase a Fitbit while living in Mexico. I became excited with what I found out. Here are 7 Reasons I am Charged About my Buying my New Fitbit ‘Charge 2’ in Mexico:
          1.     I am charged to find that Fitbit has a newer version of their wristband device called Charge 2’ and it not only tracks steps and miles walked, as well as flights of stairs climbed, it also tracks heart rate continuously. The heart rate monitor is what sold me on buying a “Charge 2”. I especially like seeing what my maximum pulse is when I have been working out aerobically for an hour, how long I am in “Fat Burn” mode as my pulse slows, and how long it takes for my heart rate to return to normal. When I am sitting at my desk writing, it gives me my current heart rate and my Resting Heart Rate.
'Charge 2' Bands Can be Changed to Black,Teal & More
a          2.     I am charged that I could buy a Fitbit ‘Charge 2’ while living in Mexico! I discovered from the website that I could order a Fitbit from Best Buy Mexico and have it delivered to the nearest FedEx office. I got on , found that they offered the “Charge 2” in my size and the color I wanted, purple! It was even on sale for $162.72 U.S. (3299 pesos) and that included shipping! I input my order information, selected the FedEx office in Puerto Vallarta closest to the RV park where we would be staying the next week and paid for it through PayPal. The Best Buy website informed me that my item would be delivered in 5 to 7 business days. I printed my receipt and held my breath that it would really arrive as promised.
          To read more, click HERE
The eBook 'Retirement Before the Age of 59'

     To read about our other adventures in early retirement and moving to Mexico, I encourage you take a look at my eBook, "RETIREMENT BEFORE THE AGE OF 59: Healthy Living in Mexico #2" on Amazon by clicking this link:

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Enjoy Zumba® in Sayulita!

"Zumba Fitness with Terry" is Fun!
After years of traveling throughout Mexico, attending Zumba classes in small towns and big cities, I fell in love with Zumba. I found out that it is true, Zumba is so much fun that it is addictive! The Zumba Fitness company philosophy is simple: “Pretty much the most awesome workout ever! ...great music, great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it”. While traveling throughout Mexico, I wrote many blog articles about Zumba classes I attended and the wonderful instructors that I met.You can read more about the classes I attended in Mexico at .
Latin Dance Music & Steps with Other Great Tunes & Exercise

Now I teach my own Zumba classes! "Zumba with Terry" is a fun, affordable fitness class incorporating Latin dance music and steps with other great tunes and exercise. The class is easy to follow and it’s fun for everyone. Zumba with Terry in Sayulita welcomes women and men, girls and boys of all ages and levels. “Ditch the Workout & Join the Party!”
Ditch the Workout and Join the Party!
I am a Licensed Zumba Instructor trained by the Zumba® Fitness companySayulita is my home, so Zumba classes will continue the majority of the year. I am a ZIN member (Zumba Instructor Network), giving me the most current music and choreography from Zumba® Fitness. For further information, see my website: or my ad on Sayulita Life:
"Zumba with Terry" Mondays & Wednesdays at 9:00AM

"Zumba with Terry" classes are Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00AM. Held at the Casa de La Cultura (Sayulita Cultural House) on Calle Manuel Navarrete in downtown Sayulita (see map and photo). Keeping it affordable for Sayulita residents and visitors alike, the cost is only 30 pesos per class.  
"Zumba with Terry" is held at the Casa de la Cultura
Read more about our travels around Mexico in my eBook "Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico" now available on Amazon worldwide. Click this link to "Look Inside" the book: Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico Book on
"Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico" eBook on Amazon

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

SAYULITA, MEXICO RESTAURANTS: 10 More Favorites We Discovered this Year

Sunset From Alas Blancas, Still A Favorite Restaurant
     Now that we have lived in Sayulita for over a year, we have discovered another 10 restaurants to add to our list of favorites. In 2015 I wrote an article about ten of our favorites when we were still visitors in this pueblo. You can view that list by clicking HERE 
     We find that some of the restaurants on this year's list of additional favorites are new enough that they haven't received a lot of attention on tripadvisor yet, but we think they deserve to have a higher rating on that traveler's guide. Here is our list, not in order of our preference. We love all of them, each for a different reason!
El Metro Tortaria
  1. El Metro Tortaria: Delicious tortas (Mexican sandwiches) made to order with fresh ingredients. Remember, this isn't a fast-food restaurant, so your sandwich may take a little time to prepare. Enjoy drinking a refreshing agua fresca and people watching while you wait. This is one of Jon's favorite lunch places! Located at Calle Jose Mariscal # 2 in downtown Sayulita.
    Los Corazones--One of Our Favorite Dinner Restaurants
  2. Los Corazones--When we are hungry for filet mignon, we head to Los Corazones. This is fine dining in Sayulita, the food prepared and presented beautifully, the service excellent, and the wine selection and drink list to our liking.  The sweet potato chips are so good, we have to force ourselves not to have a second serving! Located at Calle Jose Mariscal #15, downtown Sayulita.
    Rosticeria La Pechuga for Roasted Chicken
  3. Rosticería La Pechuga--We often pick up a whole rotisserie-roasted chicken (Pollo rostisado), golden brown and juicy, and take it home for lunch. Complete with rice, salsa, a roasted jalapeno, and corn tortillas for 115 peso (currently a little over $5 US), it is enough for a hearty lunch for Jon and me plus enough left over to put in the freezer for a future meal. Located at Avenida Revolución 6b, near the corner of Calle Miramar.
    El Itacate Steak Tacos
  4. El Itacate--the rib eye steak burrito wrapped in fried cheese is amazing and filling. Jon and I split one and were very satisfied. Currently near the top of 109 restaurants rated on tripadvisor. On Calle Jose Mariscal next to another of our favorite lunch places, Yeikame.
    Yeikame Traditional Mexican Restaurant
  5. Yeikame--Excellent traditional Mexican food. We are hooked on their large, cheesy chicken quesadillas made with blue corn tortillas (we order them with less salt). Very good aguas frescas. Currently in the top 5 of 109 restaurants on tripadvisor. At Calle Jose Mariscal # 10, downtown Sayulita.
    Tierra Viva Restaurant and Terraza
  6. Tierra Viva and Terraza (Upstairs Terrace)--The main restaurant downstairs has been a favorite dinner spot of ours for some time, with well-prepared meals, wonderful salads, and a good wine selection. We enjoy it also for it's more quiet, off-the-beaten-path location. The new upstairs terrace has a separate menu, also very good, and a sport's bar atmosphere. Located at Calle Marlin #10 on the corner of Calle Manuel Navarrete.
    Sharing a Salad & Meal at Don Juan's is a Treat!

    Don Juan's Restaurant
  7. Don Juan's--Don Juan's is not a restaurant you will stumble upon while walking around downtown Sayulita. You can either hike the half-mile from downtown, out Calle Pelicanos to the Punta de Mita Hwy, as we do, or take a taxi. It is worth the walk down dusty Calle Pelicanos! We always start by sharing a unique and refreshing Don Juan Salad; it's a generous portion, plenty for two. Then we share one meal, trying something different every time, and every dish we've tried has been wonderful. The prices are reasonable and the margaritas are our favorite in Sayulita. Located at Punta de Mita Hwy #9 on the outskirts of town.
    Mariscos Purillo's for Fish & Shrimp Tacos
  8. Mariscos Purillo's--This is one of two of our favorite places to go for fish tacos at lunchtime. We like their fried fish tacos and fried shrimp tacos so well that that's all we ever order there, along with a refreshing agua jamaica. Prices are low and quality high. Located on Avenida Revolution, across the bridge from downtown, kiddy corner from El Corte.
    Barracuda is on this Street, Calle Delfines
  9. Barracuda Fish Tacos: This is the second of our two favorite places to have fish tacos for lunch. We have to alternate between this one and Purillo's because we can't decide which has the best tacos. Again, we always order one battered fried fish taco and one battered fried shrimp taco each. Are we stuck in a rut? Well, this combo is so good, why change? This is also where I had my first Michelada (Clamato juice with Corona and chili salt on the rim of the glass--yum!) and it is still my favorite place to have one, just the right amount of spiciness. Located on Calle Delfines just off the beach in downtown Sayulita. Barracuda also have a restaurant in San Pancho (San Francisco) about 5 miles north of Sayulita.
    Wanda's Burgers & Ribs
  10. Wanda's Burgers & Ribs: Fairly new in Sayulita, but doing a good business. Upstairs overlooking the plaza, it's a good place to people watch. With at least 5 TV's, but not noisy, it's a pleasant place to watch football and other sports. The ribs are our favorites in town. We also like the Mexican-style potato skins. Wanda's is located next door to the church with a stairway up from the side of the building (use caution on their steps up, they aren't all a uniform height and even though we know that, we still trip as we round the turn half-way up). 
    Villa Amor's Sign at the Property Entrance
    My plan was to include only 10 more of our favorite restaurants in Sayulita, but I had to mention these three; they just can't be left out. 
  11. O Restaurant at Villa Amor: The setting is exceptional, romantic and peaceful. It is at the far south end of the beach, overlooking the rocks and ocean. The wave sound is pleasant background music while dining. Prices are on the high end, so we like to save "O Restaurant" for a special occasion. 
  12. Mamma Mia: Italiano fantastico! Rated #8 of #109 restaurants on tripadvisor at this time, food and service have always been good when we go there. The wine selection has recently been expanded. Prices are reasonable. Located at Calle Mariscal in downtown Sayulita. 
  13. Mary's: Authentic Mexican food at non-tourist town prices. This restaurant's food is such a value that we usually have to wait for a table, especially during a holiday week. Good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Tripadvisor rating today: #1 of 109 restaurants in Sayulita. Located Avenida Revolution in downtown across from the two-story yellow Sayulita Ejido building.
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    By KerryWTH on January 18, 2017