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SAYULITA, MEXICO RESTAURANTS: 10 More Favorites We Discovered this Year

Sunset From Alas Blancas, Still A Favorite Restaurant
     Now that we have lived in Sayulita for over a year, we have discovered another 10 restaurants to add to our list of favorites. In 2015 I wrote an article about ten of our favorites when we were still visitors in this pueblo. You can view that list by clicking HERE 
     We find that some of the restaurants on this year's list of additional favorites are new enough that they haven't received a lot of attention on tripadvisor yet, but we think they deserve to have a higher rating on that traveler's guide. Here is our list, not in order of our preference. We love all of them, each for a different reason!
El Metro Tortaria
  1. El Metro Tortaria: Delicious tortas (Mexican sandwiches) made to order with fresh ingredients. Remember, this isn't a fast-food restaurant, so your sandwich may take a little time to prepare. Enjoy drinking a refreshing agua fresca and people watching while you wait. This is one of Jon's favorite lunch places! Located at Calle Jose Mariscal # 2 in downtown Sayulita.
    Los Corazones--One of Our Favorite Dinner Restaurants
  2. Los Corazones--When we are hungry for filet mignon, we head to Los Corazones. This is fine dining in Sayulita, the food prepared and presented beautifully, the service excellent, and the wine selection and drink list to our liking.  The sweet potato chips are so good, we have to force ourselves not to have a second serving! Located at Calle Jose Mariscal #15, downtown Sayulita.
    Rosticeria La Pechuga for Roasted Chicken
  3. Rosticería La Pechuga--We often pick up a whole rotisserie-roasted chicken (Pollo rostisado), golden brown and juicy, and take it home for lunch. Complete with rice, salsa, a roasted jalapeno, and corn tortillas for 115 peso (currently a little over $5 US), it is enough for a hearty lunch for Jon and me plus enough left over to put in the freezer for a future meal. Located at Avenida Revolución 6b, near the corner of Calle Miramar.
    El Itacate Steak Tacos
  4. El Itacate--the rib eye steak burrito wrapped in fried cheese is amazing and filling. Jon and I split one and were very satisfied. Currently near the top of 109 restaurants rated on tripadvisor. On Calle Jose Mariscal next to another of our favorite lunch places, Yeikame.
    Yeikame Traditional Mexican Restaurant
  5. Yeikame--Excellent traditional Mexican food. We are hooked on their large, cheesy chicken quesadillas made with blue corn tortillas (we order them with less salt). Very good aguas frescas. Currently in the top 5 of 109 restaurants on tripadvisor. At Calle Jose Mariscal # 10, downtown Sayulita.
    Tierra Viva Restaurant and Terraza
  6. Tierra Viva and Terraza (Upstairs Terrace)--The main restaurant downstairs has been a favorite dinner spot of ours for some time, with well-prepared meals, wonderful salads, and a good wine selection. We enjoy it also for it's more quiet, off-the-beaten-path location. The new upstairs terrace has a separate menu, also very good, and a sport's bar atmosphere. Located at Calle Marlin #10 on the corner of Calle Manuel Navarrete.
    Sharing a Salad & Meal at Don Juan's is a Treat!

    Don Juan's Restaurant
  7. Don Juan's--Don Juan's is not a restaurant you will stumble upon while walking around downtown Sayulita. You can either hike the half-mile from downtown, out Calle Pelicanos to the Punta de Mita Hwy, as we do, or take a taxi. It is worth the walk down dusty Calle Pelicanos! We always start by sharing a unique and refreshing Don Juan Salad; it's a generous portion, plenty for two. Then we share one meal, trying something different every time, and every dish we've tried has been wonderful. The prices are reasonable and the margaritas are our favorite in Sayulita. Located at Punta de Mita Hwy #9 on the outskirts of town.
    Mariscos Purillo's for Fish & Shrimp Tacos
  8. Mariscos Purillo's--This is one of two of our favorite places to go for fish tacos at lunchtime. We like their fried fish tacos and fried shrimp tacos so well that that's all we ever order there, along with a refreshing agua jamaica. Prices are low and quality high. Located on Avenida Revolution, across the bridge from downtown, kiddy corner from El Corte.
    Barracuda is on this Street, Calle Delfines
  9. Barracuda Fish Tacos: This is the second of our two favorite places to have fish tacos for lunch. We have to alternate between this one and Purillo's because we can't decide which has the best tacos. Again, we always order one battered fried fish taco and one battered fried shrimp taco each. Are we stuck in a rut? Well, this combo is so good, why change? This is also where I had my first Michelada (Clamato juice with Corona and chili salt on the rim of the glass--yum!) and it is still my favorite place to have one, just the right amount of spiciness. Located on Calle Delfines just off the beach in downtown Sayulita. Barracuda also have a restaurant in San Pancho (San Francisco) about 5 miles north of Sayulita.
    Wanda's Burgers & Ribs
  10. Wanda's Burgers & Ribs: Fairly new in Sayulita, but doing a good business. Upstairs overlooking the plaza, it's a good place to people watch. With at least 5 TV's, but not noisy, it's a pleasant place to watch football and other sports. The ribs are our favorites in town. We also like the Mexican-style potato skins. Wanda's is located next door to the church with a stairway up from the side of the building (use caution on their steps up, they aren't all a uniform height and even though we know that, we still trip as we round the turn half-way up). 
    Villa Amor's Sign at the Property Entrance
    My plan was to include only 10 more of our favorite restaurants in Sayulita, but I had to mention these three; they just can't be left out. 
  11. O Restaurant at Villa Amor: The setting is exceptional, romantic and peaceful. It is at the far south end of the beach, overlooking the rocks and ocean. The wave sound is pleasant background music while dining. Prices are on the high end, so we like to save "O Restaurant" for a special occasion. 
  12. Mamma Mia: Italiano fantastico! Rated #8 of #109 restaurants on tripadvisor at this time, food and service have always been good when we go there. The wine selection has recently been expanded. Prices are reasonable. Located at Calle Mariscal in downtown Sayulita. 
  13. Mary's: Authentic Mexican food at non-tourist town prices. This restaurant's food is such a value that we usually have to wait for a table, especially during a holiday week. Good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Tripadvisor rating today: #1 of 109 restaurants in Sayulita. Located Avenida Revolution in downtown across from the two-story yellow Sayulita Ejido building.
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  1. Terry this is a good read. I enjoyed it a lot and even though I just finished lunch it made me very hungry.

    1. It made me hungry to write about the restaurants and delicious food, too! Today, our big decision of the day will be whether to have our fish and shrimp tacos at Barracuda or Purillo's. Jon will choose Purillo's and I will choose Barracuda, so we have to trade off. It's a rough life...

  2. Terry I enjoyed this article very much and should help anyone traveling to Mexico

    1. Thank you. I've had a lot of viewings of this article, even though it is "low season" in Mexico, which means there should be fewer tourists. Still a lot happening in Sayulita, though.

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