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7 Reason I'm Charged About Buying and Using My New Fitbit 'Charge 2' in Mexico


Fitbit® 'Charge 2' Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband

My 4-Year-Old Fitbit 'One', Battered & Dusty, Still Worked!
     Losing an item like my Fitbit 'One' while living in Mexico can be a very upsetting experience. Some may smirk at this remark, especially if they live in a country where they can simply log in to Amazon and order anything they need, finding it delivered to their doorstep in two days. But, replacing my Fitbit was not going to be that easy while living in Mexico. I had to find a way to purchase a new one! I rely on by Fitbit to get me moving in the morning and keep me moving until, hopefully, I reach my 10,000 steps for the day. After retirement, with no job to get me going, it has become important to have another motivator that keeps me from becoming too sedentary.
In 2016 My Weekly Stat Reports Kept Me Motivated
     My Fitbit ‘One’ has been my motivator for over four years and I depend on it! It motivates me to teach my Zumba class with energy and enthusiasm, dancing and exercising the best I can for a 60-year-old woman, and then announces after class that I have reached at least 5500 steps, giving me a great sense of accomplishment. It encourages me to go for a walk on the beach with Bella and my husband, Jon, stretching our walk from the south end to the north end of the Sayulita Beach if we feel up to it, giving us at least 4000 steps. When we walk to town for dinner, cruise around the plaza in downtown Sayulita to see what festivities are going on, and then stroll back home, my Fitbit gives me a figurative pat on the back for a healthy, active day by reporting that I exceeded 10,000 step for the day.
     Recently, the well-used clasp on my Fitbit ‘One’ gave out and I had to begin wearing it in my pocket or tied tightly to my shoelaces. One morning, as I prepared to teach Zumba class, I couldn’t find it! I searched every pair of jeans, my Zumba bag, my nightstand, the recharging plug on my desk… it had disappeared. What was I going to do? I had to teach Zumba without a Fitbit, and it was very disappointing to be without feedback about how energetic I had been during class.
No Fitbit Feedback During Zumba was Disappointing
     I needed a new motivator. So I started to research how I could purchase a Fitbit while living in Mexico. I became excited with what I found out. Here are 7 Reasons I am Charged About my Buying my New Fitbit ‘Charge 2’ in Mexico:
          1.     I am charged to find that Fitbit has a newer version of their wristband device called Charge 2’ and it not only tracks steps and miles walked, as well as flights of stairs climbed, it also tracks heart rate continuously. The heart rate monitor is what sold me on buying a “Charge 2”. I especially like seeing what my maximum pulse is when I have been working out aerobically for an hour, how long I am in “Fat Burn” mode as my pulse slows, and how long it takes for my heart rate to return to normal. When I am sitting at my desk writing, it gives me my current heart rate and my Resting Heart Rate.
'Charge 2' Bands Can be Changed to Black,Teal & More
a          2.     I am charged that I could buy a Fitbit ‘Charge 2’ while living in Mexico! I discovered from the website that I could order a Fitbit from Best Buy Mexico and have it delivered to the nearest FedEx office. I got on , found that they offered the “Charge 2” in my size and the color I wanted, purple! It was even on sale for $162.72 U.S. (3299 pesos) and that included shipping! I input my order information, selected the FedEx office in Puerto Vallarta closest to the RV park where we would be staying the next week and paid for it through PayPal. The Best Buy website informed me that my item would be delivered in 5 to 7 business days. I printed my receipt and held my breath that it would really arrive as promised.
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