Monday, December 29, 2014

ZUMBATHON WITH EFRON: Efren Muñoz Coming to La Manzanilla: January 17, 2015!

ZUMBA MEXICO! Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico: Zumbathon with Efren Muñoz Coming to La Manzanilla...: Saturday, January 17, 2015! Zumba Jammer Efren Muñoz will be teaching a Zumba Fitness Class in La Manzanilla! Efren is a well-known and ... 

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Thursday, December 25, 2014



Enjoying Christmas Week in Sunny San Carlos 

     We arrived in Mexico on December 23 this year, rather late for us. The small resort town of San Carlos, in the state of Sonora, is a peaceful, beautiful place to spend our first week in Mexico. The weather is perfect! It is Christmas day and the sky is blue, the temperature is 75 degrees F and the breeze is light. It is my kind of winter day!
     We are spending the week at Totonaka RV Park, our favorite because it is within walking distance of restaurants, the beach, the bank, and the grocery store. Yesterday we took Bella, our miniature dachshund, for a walk on the pretty beach across the street from the RV Park. Bella chased seagulls while we picked up pretty green rocks and seashells. A good first day at the beach!
Sparkling Sea of Cortez at San Carlos
     We needed to shop for milk and produce, but we were tired from the drive the day before so we caught the bus in front of the RV Park and rode it to the grocery store. We realized when we hopped off the bus that it wasn't very far to the store. After purchasing a few necessities, we decided we could walk home--it was just far enough --we reached our 10,000 steps for the day!
      San Francisco Beach (Playa San Francisco) is directly across the beach from Totonaka RV Park. Viewed from this beach, the Sea of Cortez sparkles with the sun bouncing off of the gentle swells, giving the appearance of diamonds on the surface. The island just offshore is a cactus garden with Saguaro cacti visible from the beach. I am always amazed that I can be standing on the beach in San Carlos, surrounded by Saguaro cacti growing on the red rock mountains around me, a reminder that, in this area, the sea meets the desert.  The beautiful cactus garden at the Totonaka RV Park entrance is representative of the majesty of the Saguaros in San Carlos, Sonora. 
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Thursday, December 18, 2014


On our Way Home, Bike Baskets Loaded with Groceries

We Sold Our Cars!

     This autumn we sold both of our cars, the Prius Plug-In and the PT Cruiser. Then Jon sold his Toyota Tacoma pick-up and all of his trailers. That was one of our biggest life changes! As full-time RVers, we decided to eliminate the expense of towing a car. The sale of our vehicles put some money in our bank accounts. It also cut out the expense of setting up a vehicle to tow and maintaining the vehicle. In addition, we have eliminated the insurance and gasoline expenses for an automobile. 
     We are now on our way back to Mexico for the winter. Currently, we are staying in Parker, Arizona for a couple of weeks, enjoying a break from the cold weather in Oregon while I finish publishing my book. We are anxious to get south of the border where the weather is a little warmer, but this is a nice town to stay and rest for now. Parker is small enough that we have been able to ride our bikes everywhere we needed to go!
     The best part about riding our bikes to run our errands is the exercise we are getting! We road our bicycles to Safeway to buy groceries earlier this week, a three mile round-trip from the Blue Water RV Park in Parker. Today we road 3.3 miles round trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some green Slime for flat bike tires and a few more groceries. I am very proud that we are riding our bicycles to do our errands instead of hopping in a car every time we need something. Of course, the weather here in Parker, AZ has been sunny and cool this week, perfect for riding our bikes. 
     Switching to bicycles as our primary mode of transportation has required a real change in our mindset. In the United States, we are programmed to hop in the car every time we need to go somewhere or buy something. Most Americans say “I’m going to run to the store” when they mean they are going to hop in their car and drive there. When we told our family and friends that we were going to sell our cars, they thought we were crazy. Some said, “But your car gives you your independence!” Others said, “How will you get around?” Our answer was, “By walking, riding our bicycles, taking a bus, or taking a taxi.” We found that it not only saved us money, it simplified and slowed down the pace of our life. That is “Healthy Living"!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014


Sunset Behind the Parker Dam

A Sunny, Relaxing Stop for Our First Two Weeks as Full-Timers

     We are finally returning to Mexico for the winter! We have anticipated leaving the rain in Oregon for months now. Heading south, we have found sunshine and warmth in Parker, Arizona. Ahhh... A pretty, warm place to relax for a while.
     The sunsets are beautiful here, as the sun drops behind the Parker Dam on the Colorado River. We are staying at the Blue Water RV Park and Casino on the Colorado River Indian Tribe reservation with a view of the river from our motorhome. The palm trees, the Mexican Cantina, and the sunshine give us a taste of what we are looking forward to south of the border. For now, Parker, Arizona is a nice place to rest and get warm.
     We have spent the last month selling our condo, our cars and truck, finishing our work, and moving into our motorhome. We are now "Full-Timer RVers", living full-time in our motorhome and traveling where we want, when we want. Freedom!
     We think we'll stay right here at the Blue Water RV Park and Casino while I polish the final version of my book, "Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico: A Search for Sunshine, Sassy Exercise, Savory Food, and a Simpler Life". Look for the finished e-Book for Kindle and Kindle Apps on in the next week or so! Follow my blogs at

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