Saturday, May 9, 2015


A Community of Palapa-RV Homes 

     Punta Cerritos RV Park, located on a point in northern Mazatlán overlooking the ocean, is a unique retirement village. This community began as an RV Park and has been transformed into individual homes by the retirees and snowbirds that live there.  Of the 79 sites, only six were still available for yearly leases when we stayed for a week in May. The other 73 sites are occupied by outdoor living homes, each one with a fifth-wheel, motorhome, or other type of recreational vehicle nestled inside of unique structures with palapa roofs over them for shade and protection from the weather. The "owner" of each RV site has customized his or her home with addition of outdoor kitchens, sitting areas for socializing or relaxing, tile flooring, light fixtures, brick walls, flowerbeds and cactus gardens, Mexican garden art, bodegas, and more. It is obvious that the owners take pride in their RV homes by the improvements and decor they have added.
     We were fortunate to be able to stay in a front row site nearest the ocean so we had the sea breeze to cool us as the May temperatures crept into the upper 80's. Ours was one of the unimproved sites without a palapa roof, but the concrete patio was large and the utilities were very good, the water pressure the best we have had in Mexican RV Parks. The gravel ground-cover had the advantage of minimizing the dust, though it seemed to hold the sun's heat, making the back row areas feel very hot where the breeze wasn't blowing through. The park's internet was poor so it appeared that most "site owners" obtained their own individual internet service.
Swimming Pool, Horseshoes, Putting Green, and Shady Palapas
     The community common area next to the ocean had a beautiful little swimming pool that we appreciated in the hot afternoons of mid-May. There was also a putting green, horseshoe game area, cactus gardens, and a sandy imitation beach overlooking the ocean with chairs and palapas for shade. We enjoyed our week at Punta Cerritos RV Park and put it on our list of possible places to settle once we are finished with our "nomad phase". Since we don't have a tow-car, we were especially glad that the Mazatlán buses stop right outside the gate and ran every ten to fifteen minutes so it was easy to hop on and ride to the Liverpool Mall for shopping, the Golden Zone for dinner, or the Historic District and Plaza Machado downtown.
    Punta Cerritos RV Park is a peaceful retirement community with some residents living there year-round, others spending their winters in this warm semi-arid climate. Rates to live at Cerritos are very reasonable, varying by degree of site improvement. We paid 2100 pesos ($140 US) for one week and it included all utilities. Monthly and yearly leases are available. I could envision living here in retirement and being very content. For more information, see  Punta Cerritos RV Park .
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