Monday, February 2, 2015

RV PARK LIVING IN MAZATLÁN: Some Closing, Some Improving

We Enjoy Mar Rosa RV Park--Living on the Beach!   

Beautiful Sunset From Mar Rosa RV Park -- Unique Every Day
     We return to Mar Rosa RV Park each year, even though it is the most expensive in Mazatlán. It is hard to beat the beachfront location in the Golden Zone, close to restaurants, banks, shopping, and the bus stop. But, the Mar Rosa property is reportedly for sale and who knows how soon it will be replaced with a towering condominium. This year San Bartolo Trailer Park is closed and homes are being built on that property. In addition, Trailer Park California is closed. We decided it was time to evaluate the remaining RV Parks in Mazatlán since Mar Rosa's time as a beachfront campground may soon be over. We may have to choose between the other five Parks when we return in May. They are listed below with brief descriptions.
     This year we are evaluating Mexican cities and RV Parks for the place that we will retire. Factors that become important to us for long-term residence are:
    *Location that is close to restaurants, banking, shopping, Centro and health care
    *Ocean & Beach View and Access
    *Internet speed
    *Monthly Rates
    *Friendliness of neighbors and owners/managers
    *Laundry facilities or pickup & delivery
    *Water, Electricity, and Sewer services acceptable
    *Bus and taxi service
    *Zumba and other exercise nearby
    *Live Music and other entertainment nearby

Mar Rosa RV Park: Located on the beach in the Golden Zone next to the The Palms Resort. It is within easy walking distance (or a bus-ride) of restaurants, banks, grocery stores, live music, and the Historic District. The manager, Maleno, is very friendly and they have 24 hour security. Several bus lines run along the street in front, Sabalo Cerritos, and the buses stop in front of the RV Park every few minutes. Utility hookups are very good quality. Zumba classes with Penny are just a few blocks away (Click to view Zumba Mexico Blog-Zumba with Penny in Mazatlan ). Laundry gets picked up by a local laundry service, washed, neatly folded and returned in one day. Rates vary by row with beachfront being the most expensive. Last year we enjoyed the front row view. This year we stayed in the second row, still in view of the ocean, but saving us a significant amount on rent. Weekly rate was $3910 pesos ($270 U.S.) including very good internet. This comes to $1160 U.S. per month. Monthly discounts of about 9 percent are given if staying three months or longer. Email: Phone: 52-669-913-6187
Front Row of Mar Rosa RV Park
San Fernando RV Park: Located 2 blocks in from the beach near the Golden Zone. It was nearly full when we visited this month since San Bartolo RV Park is now closed. It is close to many restaurants, banks, shopping, and two blocks from the bus stop. There are laundry facilities and a small swimming pool. The rates are $25 U.S. per day, $155 U.S. per week, and $550 per month. The internet rate is $30 U.S. (one time charge). Email: Phone: 52-669-914-0173

Trailer Park Las Jaibas: Located on Av. Sábalo-Cerritos about 1.2 miles south of the Mazatlán Playas Junction, on the side of the street opposite the beach. There is only a small sign, Google Maps doesn't list it, and it is difficult to spot, so here are the GPS coordinates: 23.28529N, 106.47055W. When we visited this week, it was about one-third full and the residents were friendly to us. There is a new small pool and laundry machines. The weekly rate for rigs up to 34 feet is $150 U.S. and includes internet. The daily rate is $30 U.S. and the monthly rate is $460 U.S. Email: Phone: 52-669-988-1374
Trailer Park Las Jaibas Has Pretty Bougainvilleas
Mar-A-Villas RV Park: Located on beachfront property about 4.5 miles north of Mar Rosa RV Park, though none of the sites are on the beach. $450 U.S. per month, $420 U.S. per month if you pay up front. This small park was nearly full when we visited this year and has a loyal following of Canadians and Americans who have been coming for years. $100 U.S. deposit is required to reserve a site for next season. There is no email or phone contact information. A personal visit with Alredo Tirado, Owner at the park is the only way to make a reservation.

Punta Cerritos RV Park: Located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean at the end of Av. Sábalo-Cerritos. It is a new, modern Park intended to be for long-term residents and many RVs are already surrounded by small structures such as stone walls, tiled patios, and outdoor kitchens. There are a few restaurants and some shopping in the area. The buses stop nearby. It is the furthest RV Park from Mazatlán Centro, about a 45 minute bus ride. The weekly rate is 180 U.S. and monthly rate is $650 U.S. Discounts are given for yearly rental, with rates varying between $3500 and $5000 per year. Email:  When I emailed them, the manager replied promptly and courteously. 

Tres Amigos RV Park: Located on Stone Island, on the south side of the Mazatlán port. It is relatively easy to take a water taxi to the ferry dock on the city side and then a taxi to Centro for restaurants, banks, shopping, and health care. Tres Amigos is a fairly new beachfront Park on a shallow bay with mellow waves. Driving in to the park is the biggest drawback as it is down an eight mile long, very rough gravel road. The front row next to the beach is reserved a year in advance and there is a waiting list to get a front row site. Rates are posted on their website at but may not have been updated this year. According to visitors who had stayed there, the monthly rate was about $450 U.S. per month for the back row and about $600 per month for a beach-front site. I emailed them but did not receive a reply. Email: . Phone: 52-669-914-1444.
Tres Amigos RV Park Front Row on Stone Island Mazatlan
     Most RVers return to the same RV park each year. Everyone has their favorite for different reasons. Sometimes it is just because that is where their friends stay. For us, as long as Mar Rosa RV Park is open, we will return to it. Who knows what next year will bring...
We Like "Living" on the Second Row at Mar Rosa RV Park Just Fine
   For more information on Mazatlán, see my eBook now available at "HEALTHY LIVING AND TRAVELING IN MEXICO" eBook on

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  1. Very pretty RV parks. Must be hard to choose a favorite. Mom

  2. Very pretty RV parks. Must be hard to choose a favorite. Mom

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