Sunday, August 31, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO (SAN PANCHO), NAYARIT: Colorful, Fun Little Pueblo

Abandoned Building Near the Lagoon


     We were so busy enjoying the sights, sounds and colors of San Pancho while we were there that I didn't write a single word about the experience at the time. I took numerous photos though, and looking back through them, I am reminded of the many reasons why we love San Pancho. Maybe this is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words. I think I'll just let the photos paint the many colors of San Pancho.

Iguana Watching During Morning Coffee Time
Jon Teeing Off In San Pancho's Golf Course
Baby Turtle Release at Sunset
Swinging From The Palm Fronds on the Beach
Jon and Terry Relaxing on the Beach
EntreAmigos Kids in Painting Class
Polo Horses Being Exercised Around Plaza del Sol
Our Lady of Guadalupe Day in Church
Dancing on the Beach at La Playa Restaurant
Fisherman Taking Their Catch to Town
Recycled Metal Tree at EntreAmigos
Bird Watching in San Pancho Lagoon
Cool Bicycle on San Pancho Beach
Folk Dancers at La Patrona Polo Club
Las Huertas Golf and Beach Club
Children's Christmas Festival at EntreAmigos
Tranquil San Pancho Beach at Sunset
Tree and Vines at Orchid Farm
Zumba Class at Plaza del Sol in San Pancho
Bougainvillea on Brick Wall in San Pancho
Every Evening Games in Plaza del Sol
Beach Volleyball on La Playa
Amazing San Pancho Sunsets
Visiting the Orchid Farm Near San Pancho

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