Friday, October 10, 2014

ACAPULCO, GUERRERO: Sunsets, Seafood, Siestas, and Swimming

Famous Sunsets in Pie de la Cuesta Resort Town

Romantic Dinner On The Beach

     I had read about the famous sunsets in Acapulco... 
     I had seen many photos of the amazing sunsets in Pie de la Cuesta, a small beach resort town about five miles northwest of Acapulco...  
    now I know that you have to see these sunsets firsthand from the beach to realize how special they are!
     This was our first time in Acapulco. It seemed surreal that we were sitting in the Hacienda Vayma restaurant on the Pie de la Cuesta beach, enjoying a chilled glass of Chilean wine while watching this famous sunset . It was so beautiful!  It is no wonder that this area is famous for its picturesque sunsets.
     We stayed at the Acapulco Trailer Park in the Playa Pie de la Cuesta area, a well-maintained RV Park right on the beach. We backed our motorhome up to the seawall, opened our windows, and listened to the soothing sound of the gentle ocean waves all night long. The RV sites are under coconut palms, so we had refreshing shade and a cool sea breeze during our afternoon siestas. 
Pie de la Cuesta Beach Looking Toward Acapulco
     Since Pie de la Cuesta is five miles north of the busy city of Acapulco, it was very peaceful and relaxing there.  We enjoyed long walks on the beach, cooling off in the pretty swimming pool, and delicious seafood dinners at several great restaurants within walking distance of our camp. Our favorite restaurants were "Tres Marias" and the "Hacienda Vayma Restaurant".

     We drove into the city of Acapulco one day to explore a little. Thank goodness for the Garmin Mexico GPS! It was interesting to drive the steep, windy streets through residential areas where the homes were old and grand,  built on the hills overlooking the ocean. The stressful part was that our PT Cruiser was in a long line of identical taxis, all blue and white VW Bugs, zipping through these residential areas. Apparently, these steep, windy streets up and over the hills were the most direct routes through Acapulco to the downtown and the beach. We were happy to get out of the big city traffic and back to the peaceful little town of Pie de la Cuesta!
Camping at Acapulco Trailer Park
Refreshing Pool at Acapulco Trailer Park

Romantic Restaurant at Hacienda Vayma
 Vayma For Great Food, Sunsets, & Ambiance

Bella Taking A Siesta in Mexico

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