Sunday, December 14, 2014


Sunset Behind the Parker Dam

A Sunny, Relaxing Stop for Our First Two Weeks as Full-Timers

     We are finally returning to Mexico for the winter! We have anticipated leaving the rain in Oregon for months now. Heading south, we have found sunshine and warmth in Parker, Arizona. Ahhh... A pretty, warm place to relax for a while.
     The sunsets are beautiful here, as the sun drops behind the Parker Dam on the Colorado River. We are staying at the Blue Water RV Park and Casino on the Colorado River Indian Tribe reservation with a view of the river from our motorhome. The palm trees, the Mexican Cantina, and the sunshine give us a taste of what we are looking forward to south of the border. For now, Parker, Arizona is a nice place to rest and get warm.
     We have spent the last month selling our condo, our cars and truck, finishing our work, and moving into our motorhome. We are now "Full-Timer RVers", living full-time in our motorhome and traveling where we want, when we want. Freedom!
     We think we'll stay right here at the Blue Water RV Park and Casino while I polish the final version of my book, "Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico: A Search for Sunshine, Sassy Exercise, Savory Food, and a Simpler Life". Look for the finished e-Book for Kindle and Kindle Apps on in the next week or so! Follow my blogs at

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