Tuesday, June 30, 2015


We Get Homesick for Mazatlán!

Pretty Houses on Angel Flores Street
     When we are in the United States visiting family during the summer, we miss Mazatlán, its beautiful bay and beaches, many favorite restaurants, and the pretty colonial buildings in the old Historic District. I begin looking through my photos of Mazatlán, showing my favorites to my husband, Jon. We reminisce about our happy times there, exploring all the niches in Old Town, many of which are being restored with new plaster and bright paint. One of our favorite blocks of pretty houses in Mazatlán's Historic District is Angel Flores between Calle Niños Heroes and Venus. We catch the bus to the Golden Zone on this street, so we often stand on this corner admiring the Mexican colonial architecture. Here are a few more photos of the many buildings recently restored in the Centro Histórico.
Daytime Stroll through the Plaza Machado
Corner of Constitución & Belisario Dominquez
One typically warm, sunny afternoon we had lunch at the cozy restaurant named "Raizc3s" in this beautifully restored building on the corner of Constituci
ón and Belisario Dominquez streets in Old Town. Our table centered on the arch-topped open window so we had a nice view for people watching as we dined. Our lunch was delicious and we look forward to returning to try their breakfast. The staff was very attentive and friendly.
     Our favorite restaurant in Old Town is La Mona Pizzeria on Niño Heroes between Mariano Escobedo and Constitución. Hardly a week goes by when we are living in Mazatlán before we are planning our next dinner at La Mona's with its friendly service and yummy salads and wood fired pizza. The wine selection is good and the prices are fair. The first evening we arrive back in Mazatlán in the fall, we'll hop on the bus and head to La Mona's!
La Mona Pizzeria -- Our Favorite in Mazatlán!
Entering La Mona Pizzeria -- Like We've Come Back Home!
Jon Watches Soccer on TV, Surrounded by Whimsical Artwork
We enjoy shopping at the central market in Mazatlán, especially for fresh produce. The variety of fruits and vegetables available is amazing and the prices are very reasonable. It is well worth the bus ride from the RV Park where we stay to the downtown market to shop. The meat, poultry, and fish counters are much more attractive than I remember them being ten years ago. The entire market is clean, neat, and has enough variety in dry goods, clothing, leather and other crafts to keep us shopping for hours. But, I like the Mexican way of taking brief shopping trips to the market every day or two so we always have very fresh produce and meat. It's so much more enjoyable than spending an hour at the supermarket! And the best part...strawberries, tomatoes, and other produce actually have flavor, just like they were picked ripe in the field (which they probably were), unlike the pulpy, flavorless things we buy in the U.S.A. that just look like strawberries and tomatoes. We love living in Mazatlán!
Beautiful Fresh Fruit and Vegetables at the Central Market!
Colorful Clothing, Piñatas, Crafts, and More
Refrigerated, Clean Meat Counters (Improves the Smell of the Market, Too!)
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