Thursday, November 12, 2015

OUR LAST MOVING SALE!: We're Moving to Mexico!

Downsizing, Simplifying, & Moving to Mexico!

Motorhome Loaded and Ready to Roll, On The Road to Mexico!
     We have decided to become expats! I used to wonder what that really means. Now I have it figured out and we are ready to do it. We have decided to move to Mexico! Our primary home would no longer be the United States of America.
     But we still had two storage units full of stuff. A year ago, we packed all of our stuff into two storage units and moved into our 32 foot Southwind motorhome. We traveled and lived for six months in Mexico (See earlier blog posts on ), traveled for a few months in the U.S., then decided to return to Mexico and explore the idea of purchasing a home in Sayulita. We found our dream casita (tiny home) and made an offer. After weeks of negotiations, we had a contract to buy our home. We were so excited to begin our move. Now we had to return to Oregon to deal with all of our stuff in storage.
Our Sign May Not be Fancy, But it Worked!
     To read more about our transition and move to Mexico, see this blog article: 
Retirement Before the Age of 59: OUR LAST MOVING SALE!: We're Moving to Mexico! 

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