Wednesday, May 17, 2017

HEALTHY LIVING AND TRAVELING IN MEXICO, the eBook is Available on Amazon!

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A Search For Sunshine, Sassy Exercise, Savory Food, and a Simpler Life

The eBook is Available on Amazon Worldwide!

Terry is my wonderful zumba instructor. I relate totally to her plan. 
There is so much more to life and giving back than working beyond 
your ability to live a healthy contented life. An excellent read and guide.

By Candace Rivero

GREAT tips with contact info for favorite locales in Mexico cities - some
with RV parks for RVers. This author discovered Zumba classes and 
shares her enthusiasm for the fun classes along their many travels. 
Reading this book took me on a virtual trip thru my favorite places in 
Mexico this weekend. Looking forward to the next book Terry wrote about retiring at 59. I am past that mark at this point but will soak up all her
advice so that I too can follow their path along the coast.

Book Description

Do you dream of a restful vacation or maybe an adventure in an RV? Do you envision yourself on a warm beach somewhere, with a tropical drink in your hand, your feet in the sand, and the sound of gently lapping waves lulling you into a state of bliss?

Do you imagine living a healthier, more active life? Maybe you dream of Salsa dancing under the stars or the "sassy exercise" of Zumba® on the beach? Does "sassy exercise" for you mean rollerblading, bicycling, or jogging on the boardwalk? Do golf, tennis, surfing and snorkeling any time you want sound like your ideal plan for "Healthy Living in Mexico"?

Are you held back by concerns? Do you find yourself asking, as many do, "Is it safe to drive in Mexico?" or "Is it safe to live in Mexico?" Come along with Jon and Terry on their tenth motorhome trip to Mexico, and find out how safe, happy and healthy they feel living in Mexico.

Jon and Terry have shared the dream of a better life in Mexico with hundreds of thousands of Americans, but they have brought their dream to life! Discover how you too can escape to A SIMPLER LIFE with SUNSHINE in the winter, SASSY EXERCISE in the great outdoors, and delicious SAVORY FOOD created with the freshest, tastiest ingredients, all year long!

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Take a look at the follow-up eBook, "Retirement Before the Age of 59: Healthy Living in Mexico #2", a continuation of our journey to find our retirement home in Mexico, also available on Amazon. To take a look at the eBook "Retirement Before the Age of 59: Healthy Living in Mexico #2" by clicking HERE
The eBook is Available Worldwide on Amazon!



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