Monday, February 23, 2015


Efren "High Tens" the Front Row in Class

An Energetic Workout in a Pleasant Studio

     I was so glad to find that one of my favorite Zumba Instructors in Mexico, Efren Muñoz, is now giving Zumba classes at Shanti Studio in Puerto Vallarta (PV, as the resident expats call it). 
     Last year I attended Efren's class at the J&B Dancing Club in PV and looked forward to returning. But the doorman at the J&B Dancing Club said there was no Zumba class there this year. So, I checked the website to search for classes in Puerto Vallarta and found the Efren teaches Zumba classes this year at Shanti Studio in the morning and at the park at the Unidad Deportiva Infonavit- CTM on M. Pérez Treviño in the evening. 
Efren Points to Indicate a Direction Change
     Efren has a real knack for teaching Zumba dance steps. He demonstrates new moves in a slower speed as the music begins, then after a few repetitions, just as I start to get the hang of mimicking him, he doubles the pace and everyone in class matches his pace. When Efren wants to signal a step change, he claps his hands sharply to get our attention, then points in the direction we should watch; it may be a change from starting on the right foot to starting on the left, or a change from forward motion to backward, or simply time to add a turn to the routine. His instructions were so easy to
 Hardwood Floor and Natural Light at Shanti Studio
follow, though he rarely spoke a word once the dancing started. I may have been dancing one repetition behind him at times, but who cares! It was great exercise and great fun! If I couldn't match his sexy Latin moves like shaking his shoulders or swinging his hips, at least I gave it my best try, then sometimes laughed at myself. The smiling and laughing that results from learning to do Zumba is just part of the health benefit.

     Shanti Studio is only a mile from where we were staying at the Trailer Park
Entrance to Shanti Studio at Peninsula Plaza
Puerto Vallarta so I rode the bus to class. I remembered that the best way to find Shanti Studio is to watch for the Peninsula Plaza sign at the entrance to the mall, then go up the escalator to the second floor. The Shanti Studio sign over the door makes it easy to find.

     Shanti Studio is one of my favorite places in Mexico to attend Zumba class. The Zumba room has nicely polished hardwood floors for easy, smooth dancing that is gently on the knees and hips. Large windows in the studio let in natural light and show off the view of the mountains surrounding Puerto Vallarta. The room is cool and comfortable when I was there for the 10:15 AM class. It is a very pleasant setting for a healthy Zumba workout.
Shanti Studio is at the Peninsula Plaza
      Efren's class schedule is currently:  
Unidad Deportiva Infonavit- CTM: Monday through Thursday at 7:30PM to 8:20PM
Shanti Studio: Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15 AM and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:15 AM.      Shanti Studio is located at 2485 Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio, Zona Hotele, Plaza Peninsula Local C17, Puerto Vallarta. Contact Efren to verify his class schedule at Efren Munoz at . Verify the Zumba and other class schedule at Shanti Studio by calling 01-322-224-8170 or online at Shanti Studio Class Schedule .

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  1. This has been a very popular blog post. Shanti Studio and Efren are popular in Puerto Vallarta!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, we do! We love living in Mexico for 6 months each year where there is so much to do, especially outdoors.

  3. Replies
    1. 50 pesos for one drop-in class (about $3.50 USD). They have discounted rates also by the month, I believe.

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