Friday, May 8, 2015

7 REASONS TO RETIRE BEFORE THE AGE OF 59 (and Head for Mexico!)

Retire Early and Move to Mexico?

We Need Retirement Now, Before the Straightjacket Phase!
     Some days, my job as a pharmacist made we feel that I was headed for the loony bin, soon to be carried away in a straightjacket. The practice of pharmacy and our health care system are not what they were 35 years ago when I graduated from Oregon State University's School of Pharmacy. The chain drug store workplace has become a bit insane, with pharmacists, technicians and cashiers working at a frenzied pace. At times, I felt like I was pulling my hair out trying to keep up with the workload and provide good care to the patients. This work pace couldn't be healthy, either mentally or physically. Wouldn't it be best to retire while I still had my sanity?
     I had to analyze this decision to retire before the age of 59 very carefully, though I frequently wanted to surrender to my urge to throw down my pill-counting spatula and walk out of the pharmacy... to read more, click: 
Retirement Before the Age of 59: 7 REASONS TO RETIRE BEFORE THE AGE OF 59

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