Monday, May 4, 2015


We Rollarbladed Past the Beautiful Dolphin Fountain Next to the Malecón  
Jon is Getting Better at Rollerblading, but Not Stopping -- Glad it's Level!
Many Enjoy Bicycling Along the Ocean on the Mazatlan Malecón

       Thirteen Mile Long Promenade: The Mazatlán Malecón, a concrete walkway along the beach, is one of the longest Malecóns  in the world! Some claim that it is the longest in the world. This promenade is nearly thirteen miles long (twenty-one kilometers) and wide enough for plenty of traffic including bicycles, pedestrians, skateboarders, strollers, dogs, and people on rollerblades.  Everyone is tolerant of beginner rollerbladers like us who are wobbling along, looking for the next handrail to grab onto. We don't look smooth and polished like most skaters who buzz past us, but we have fun and get a good workout. This is "Healthy Living in Mexico!"
A Nice Place to Sit on the Seawall, Walk the Baby, Stroll Along the Ocean

Sight-Seeing and Spending Time Together: This is a place where couples, singles, and families come to spend time together, both during the daytime and in the evening when it is well lit. Along the Malecón, there are cliffs, monuments, gazebos, colonial buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, many beautiful sculptures, street vendors, and plenty of new benches for resting and watching people.
Many People Stroll and Relax in this Olas Altas Section of the Malecón
Rollerblading and Walking on the Mazatlán Malecón (Boardwalk): We have frequently enjoyed walking for miles on the Mazatlán Malecón, watching the people, the ocean, the birds, and all of the action. Last year we regretted that we hadn’t brought our rollerblades, and were glad we had packed them this year. Not only is rollerblading a fun way to see miles of the Mazatlán beachfront area in one day, it is very good exercise!
We are Getting Better at Rollerblading After Five Miles on the Malecon!
Wheelchair Ramps Aid Bicycles and Quadracycles Access the Malecón, Too
One of Several Bike Rental Shops across the Street from the Malecón
 Bicycle Rental and Riding on the Malecón: For more information about bicycle rental and other things to do in Mazatlán, the bus system, movie theater schedule, and current festivities, see or or .
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  1. Thanks Terry for all the pictures and things to see and do. Looks great. mom

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  3. Rollerblading with the baby stroller can be a great and awesome experience. There are chances for the dads and moms to easily handle rollerblading with baby stroller.

    1. Great suggestion, Dorothy. My daughter has done that with her child--great exercise for Mom and a fun outing for baby with Mom!