Sunday, February 8, 2015

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE PURCHASED MY BOOK: Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico

Please Tell Your Friends About my eBook Now Available on

     “Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico”, the book, has been available for Kindles, iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets for over a month now. Thank you to everyone who has purchased it. If you haven't read it yet, you can take a "Look inside" at HEALTHY LIVING AND TRAVELING IN MEXICO on
     If you found my book helpful or interesting, please give it a rating with little yellow stars at REVIEW THE BOOK . It will go a long way in helping me with additional sales. Now that I have taken the scary step of quitting my day job, my book sales are my only income. Every $2.98 royalty check is very exciting to me!
     Please tell your friends about the book. Even if they don’t have a Kindle, iPad, or other mobile device, they can download the Kindle App onto their computer to read the book. They can “Look Inside” the book on at (click this link): "Look Inside" HEALTHY LIVING AND TRAVELING IN MEXICO
     Most of all, I hope that my book helps you decide to add Mexico to your travel plans. My goal in writing this book was to help others see Mexico for the beautiful place that it is, to realize that the Mexican people are kind and peaceful, the scenery is amazing, the weather in the winter is outstanding, the food is excellent, and the adventure and exercise opportunities are endless. After 20 years of traveling and living in Mexico, we still love returning for 6 months each year. I hope you will enjoy Mexico, too.
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