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More Than A Whale Watching Adventure!

Fun on the Hidden Beach Inside Marieta Island
     When our daughter, Michelle, and her family came to visit us in Sayulita for a week, we were looking for a fun family adventure. Our granddaughter, Juliet, had just turned one year old, so Zip-Lining was out. We decided to take the Chica Locca Whale Watching Boat Tour and it was a great decision! The boat was large enough to give everyone plenty of room to stretch out and had lots of cushions, pillows, and hammocks to relax on. The Chica Locca is a trimaran, so it was stable enough that we hardly noticed when the wind and waves picked up in the afternoon.

Time to Lounge Around & Sunbath
     On the boat ride out to Marieta Island, there was plenty of time to lounge on the decks, either sunbathing in the open areas or relaxing in the shade. The crew was very attentive, making sure everyone always had their drink of choice in hand. Snacks and lunch were served throughout the day so we felt pampered and satisfied. The gentle motion of the boat as we motored the 20 nautical miles out to sea lulled us all into a state of lazy contentment. 
Our First Whale Sighting!
     Suddenly, one of the crew members called out "Whale!" and we all looked in the direction he was pointing to see a humpback whale surface nearby. It turns out that there were three whales traveling together, a mother whale, her baby, and an escort whale. Our captain turned the boat to stay beside them for a while and we were excited to see the mama whale spout!
Thar She Blows!
     We were lucky to see two groups of whales on this boat trip. In each group, there were three whales, always a mother, baby, and escort. The crew member narrating was knowledgeable about how to tell which whale was which by markings on the skin. Thank goodness one of the crew members is a good photographer and captured some photos of the whales...not an easy task.
Time to Suit Up With Snorkels & Life Jackets!
The Chica Locca Anchored at Marieta Island!
Snorkeling on the Way to the Hidden Beach
     I was happy to be the Grandma that day, staying on board the Chica Locca boat with little Juliet. We stretched out together in one of the hammocks in the shade and let the motion of the gentle waves rock us. What a blissful, relaxing nap we had! 
Soothing Motion of the Boat Rocked Us to Sleep
     We had a nice little nap while everyone else snorkeled to the island and played silly games for the camera on the hidden beach (also called Playa de Amor or Beach of Love) in the interior of the island. 
Jon, Michelle, and Chris Jump for Joy
     On the return boat ride from Marieta Island, everyone got lazy and happy with drinks and snacks. Some lounged on the front of the Chica Locca, enjoying the sun and water spray. Others leaned back on cushions in the shade and enjoyed the ride, the view of the bay, and the warmth of the perfect Riviera Nayarit weather. Soon the boat stopped for those that were still energetic so they could play in the water on kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, and on the water-slides from the boat's upper deck. 
Continue Lounging or Go Off the Water-Slide?
That is a Big Decision!
     There was something for everyone on this day-long adventure. We rested, we played, we whale-watched, we enjoyed time together with our families and friends, and we met new friends. We were very happy that we had chosen the Chica Locca adventure.
Wonderful Memories of Our Family Time on the Chica Locca Whale Watching Tour
     For more information about the Chica Locca Tours and to make reservations, see . Their website shows lots of good photos of the Chica Locca boat moored at the La Cruz marina, as well as some of guests and crew members having fun onboard. They also have offices in Sayulita, Bucerias, and San Pancho where reservations can be made in person. I highly recommend this adventure to Marieta Island!

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