Friday, April 24, 2015


Yoga in the Garden Studio 

(Estudio El Jardin)

Jon and I Learned the Basic Scorpion Position
     Jon and I are new to yoga, really just beginning to learn how beneficial this exercise is for our health. We decided to get serious about attending yoga classes regularly in Sayulita, a town with yoga classes available on every other block. We knew Micki Cunningham taught yoga as well as the Zumba classes we attended each week (see my blog post dated 3/20/15). So we decided to give Micki's yoga classes a try and we were glad we did! What a great workout!
The Garden View from the Open Side of the Yoga/Zumba Studio
     The garden setting of the yoga studio is soothing with one long side open to the view of flowering tropical plants, the dance of hummingbirds flitting from blossom to blossom, and the music of birds singing. Estudio El Jardin (meaning "The Garden Studio" in Spanish) is about one block from the ocean so the sea breeze drifts in through the garden, helping to cool us while we exercised.
Learning that Flexibility Includes "Yoga Toes"
   The last week that we were in Sayulita this season, we decided to go to all six of Micki's classes, one each morning at 9:00AM, Monday through Saturday. Micki teaches yoga on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday she teaches Zumba and on Saturday she finishes the week with Zumba Toning, a real workout (see my blog post dated 3/3/15). After we had attended all six of her classes in one week, we were really feeling it! We felt stronger and healthier, but also very tired! How does Micki do this every week? In her 70's (I think she would be okay with me disclosing her age), she is very strong and has amazing endurance! She teaches the importance of balance, flexibility, and strength-training in the aging body. She is a real inspiration to me and Jon, and to many others who are fortunate enough to attend her classes in Sayulita. 
El Jardin (The Garden)
     Estudio El Jardin, Micki’s Zumba studio is located on the corner of Manual Navarette and Calle Caracol. To find it, pass the Iguana Refuge Tree and keep going up the cobbled driveway to the first gate. The cost is 50 pesos (about $3.50 US) per class, or you can purchase a card for 5 classes at 200 pesos and get the 6th class gratis. Verify her class schedule by contacting her at 329-291-3540 (Mexico Phone) or 322-149-2605 (USA or Canada Cell).

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