Monday, April 27, 2015

Retirement Before the Age of 59: WHO SAYS WE HAVE TO WORK UNTIL WE ARE 66 YEARS OLD? OR 70?

The Turrell Riverhouse -- Our Dream Home
     Achieving the American Dream was my goal from the time I was in my teens and I worked hard my entire life to reach it. I believed that if I worked my forty-plus hours each week, paid into the Social Security system, put money into a savings account, and set aside money in a supplemental retirement account, I would be living comfortably when I retired. I was taught by my parents, my teachers, and my co-workers that I must work full-time for 45 to 50 years in order to live the American Dream and retire well-off. But, did I really want to work THAT many years?

Work Until I'm 66 Years Old?

     To be properly prepared for retirement, we were taught, we should work until we were at least 66 years old to start collecting... see more by clicking HERE
Healthy Living in Mexico -- Retired Before the Age of 59!

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