Saturday, January 3, 2015


Athletic Club San Carlos

Bicycling to the Fitness Center to Work Out and Then to Do Our Shopping --That's Enough Exercise for One Day!

     Zumba class at the Athletic Club San Carlos starts at 9:30 in the morning--that's my favorite time of day for Zumba! The day after Christmas, Jon and I decided to ride our bikes the short distance from Totonaka RV Park to this fitness center--my odometer clocked it at less than half a mile. We were impressed that the club even had a bike rack out front, and we weren't the only ones using it! We liked this town and this club immediately. 
    Jon worked out in the well-equipped gym while I attended Zumba with Sandy. Manny Fit is the regular Zumba Instructor but he was on vacation that day. Sandy led an energetic, fun class and boy, did I feel it the next day!  After a month without Zumba, I was out of practice. I realized that I had been doing Zumba Gold for the previous few months, and Sandy's class was definitely higher intensity than that! I highly recommend Zumba at the Athletic Club San Carlos. They also have a swimming pool, aqua aerobics, spinning classes, yoga,  tennis, and other activities, all very impressive!
Barbecued Chicken and Baked Potatoes
     We needed a few groceries, so after we finished at the Athletic Club San Carlos, we hopped on our bikes and rode a mile to the Ley Supermarket. After we loaded our bikes with the milk, produce, and a few other necessities, we were too hungry to make ourselves lunch. We decided to ride another half mile to the Rosticeria Pollo Lopez. It was 11:30 AM and the first batch of barbecued chicken was ready to come off the rotisserie. The potatoes and onions had been bathed in the chicken drippings while they baked in the bottom on the oven--they were golden brown and looked delicious! The chicken looked and smelled so good that we were salivating while we waited our turn to order. By then we were so hungry that we ordered two chickens--one for lunch and one for the freezer!
     We could hardly wait to get those chickens loaded on our bikes and get home to chow down. Who knew that two chicken dinners and a few groceries could be so heavy! By the time we arrived back at the motorhome, we were tired and hungry. My bicycle odometer said we had only ridden four miles, but loaded down and riding uphill to Totonaka RV Park, it was a good workout. We dumped our bags of groceries in the motorhome, sat down at our picnic table outside and devoured our chicken and potatoes! It tasted as good as it looked and smelled! We had really worked up an appetite that morning. Time to relax in our chairs in the warm sunshine and read our Kindles... That's healthy living in Mexico!
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