Saturday, January 10, 2015


Wingin' It with Lori Davidson at Macaw's


     Friday we decided to get creative to reach our goal of 10,000 steps. We needed to do some shopping, so I suggested we walk to the new Wal-Mart near the Marina in Mazatlan--just 3.3 miles from Mar Rosa RV Park where we were staying, that should be about 10,000 steps. The weather was perfect for a walk--75 degrees F with a light breeze. So, we printed out the Google Map and started walking--13,000 steps later we finally reached it after two wrong turns that we won't make next time! The first mistake was that the map shows Av. Del Tiburón as a through street to the Marina Mazatlan road--Av. Del Tiburón is NOT a through street. So we got a good tour of a nice neighborhood on our way back to Av. Camarón Sábalo--that was an extra 1000 steps we won't take next time! 
     Then, we discovered the hard way that Google Maps has the new "Wal-Mart Marina" in the wrong position. After crossing the bridge over the Marina waterway, we had a pleasant, but long side trip through an upscale gated community on the new golf course along Paseo Del Palmar, around the back side of the new Liverpool Shopping Mall, and finally to the nice new Marina Wal-Mart. That was another extra 2000 steps!  The map below is my corrected version of the route we should have taken. After we had a refreshing, cold drink while sitting on a bench inside the air-conditioned store, we did our shopping and found this Wal-Mart to be well-stocked, clean,
Correct Route to Wal-Mart Marina Mazatlan
and low-key. We loaded our two bags of groceries into a taxi out in front of the store and were whisked the three miles back to Mar Rosa RV Park (near The Palms hotel) for the low fare of 70 pesos ( about $4.80 U.S.). It was a nice way to get our 10,000 steps for the day, but next time I think we'll ride our bikes. There are good sidewalks with few pedestrians the entire way to this growing community.

Macaws: The "Cheers" of Mazatlan

     We decided we had earned an evening out for dinner and listening to live music--we were too tired to cook after that adventure. So we caught the bus in front of the Mar Rosa RV Park and for 10 pesos (about 70 cents U.S.) each, we rode in air-conditioned comfort to the Historic District of Mazatlan. We walked the 6 or 7 blocks to Macaws to listen to the group "Wingin' It" with Lori Davidson, Rob Lamonica, Chris Henderson, and Ron Fantz. Macaws has been nicknamed the "Cheers" of Mazatlan, and I could see why when we sat down at a table in this cozy neighborhood open-air restaurant bar. We always enjoy Lori Davidson's music and make a point of seeing her perform each time we are in Mazatlan. Rob Lamonica on keyboard is a pleasure, too, and when the two of them play together, it is a real treat! We enjoyed the food, wine, service, and atmosphere at Macaws and look forward to returning. An added bonus to our evening--we made some new friends when a Canadian couple sat down next to us. We discovered that they were fun-loving fans of Lori Davidson who enjoyed clapping, cheering, and dancing to the music as much as we did. Another great day of "Healthy Living and Traveling in Mexico"!

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