Sunday, January 4, 2015


Rubble Remains of a Beach Home

We Didn't Recognize this Beach Town!

     When we arrived in Playa Las Glorias for the New Year's holiday, we were shocked at the changes. The first thing that was wrong was that the paved boulevard that runs parallel to the beach had only one row of houses between it and the ocean. Just one year ago there had been two rows of houses and restaurants along the beach, with a dirt road between. But now the entire first row of buildings was destroyed! It looked like a bomb had gone off, smashing the roofs and walls of many one- and two-story houses, leaving piles of rubble where these vacation homes had been. It was extremely sad to see. We watched many Mexican families strolling along the beach, looking at the destruction, but no one was playing soccer or building sand castles here this year. It didn't seem proper to party or play in the midst of this gloom.
     The next thing we noticed was that the sand on the beach had been cut down
about four to five feet--where does all that sand go? Some of the houses that had been built on pillars were still standing, but the pillars told the story of how
The Level of the Sand is 5 Feet Lower!
much sand had been swept away by the hurricanes of 2014. The white paint, from the top of the pillar stopped where the sand had started in 2013! That's where the level of the beach started before the hurricanes, and was now washed away. The dirt road that ran behind this house was gone also--washed away by the high water and strong waves. 
     The final shock was when we arrived at Mr. Moro's RV Park and Hotel to find that it was closed! There was a banner hanging on the gate that said it was closed indefinitely. We had been staying in our motorhome at Mr. Moro's for over 10 years! We couldn't believe that it was closed. We drove back to the beginning of the paved boulevard and parked our motorhome. We got out and looked around, wondering where we could park for the night, feeling tired and dazed by this unexpected situation. A young man on a motorcycle stopped and suggested we stay in the parking lot of the Restaurant Palomas. Another nice local man stopped his pickup and told us we were welcome to park on his land. We thanked them both, reminded of how friendly the people are in Playa Las Glorias and the surrounding farmlands. 
Restaurant Palomas on Playa Las Glorias
     Restaurant Palomas turned out to be one of only two restaurants left standing in Playa Las Glorias. The owners were kind enough to allow us to spend the night in their parking lot near the ocean. It was so peaceful there with the sound of the waves breaking on the beach that we decided to stay for two nights. We were surprised that we didn't hear parties all night long. A short round of fireworks woke us briefly at midnight on New Year's, and then the party was over.
     We had lunch at the Restaurant Palomas on New Year"s Eve, a delicious meal of Coctel de Camarones (Giant Shrimp Cocktail) and Filete Pescado Empanizado (Fried Mahi Mahi filet). Ahhh....we were back in the real Mexico! 
     We were glad we stayed an extra day at Playa Las Glorias so we could walk the beach and watch the backhoes working on the cleanup, even on New Year's Eve. It left us with the feeling that this town will be restored in the near future.

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