Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Penny Fuller Teaches Zumba Gold in Mazatlan


     Jon and I started Monday morning with a lively hour of Zumba Gold with Penny Fuller. She teaches classes in the park at the corner of Atún and Mojarra Streets in Mazatlán's Golden Zone. Zumba Gold class starts at 8:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the high season. It felt so good to get back to Zumba Gold class! Our 
motto is "Attend Zumba Classes, Eat More Flan!" (Zumba burns enough calories so we can eat flan for dessert once or twice a week!)
   We just found out that if we can drag ourselves out of bed in time, we can attend Penny's Zumba Toning class that starts at 7:50 AM right before Zumba Gold. Penny's arms, shoulders, and back are very muscular, demonstrating the benefits of Zumba Toning. She is in remarkably good health, and teaching 2 classes a day at the age of 70+, she is a testament to the physical and mental health benefits of Zumba.

Dick Damron, Canadian Country Singer
      Monday evening, Jon and I went to La Catrina Restaurant for dinner and the Dick Damron performance at 7:00PM. La Catrina's is a fun bar and grill on the main boulevard through the Golden Zone, Avenida Camarón Sábalo. It is only a half mile from where we are staying at Mar Rosa RV Park, so we got a little more exercise walking to dinner
     Dick Damron is one of Canada's Country Music Legends, recognized in the International Country Music Hall of Fame.  He performs now and then in Mazatlan but it was our first time to see him, and we were impressed and entertained. At 80 years old, he has been around as a singer and song-writer for many years,  recorded over 25 albums and has received many awards.  He plays a lively guitar and harmonica and keeps the crowd on their feet dancing most of the evening. I especially enjoyed the sing-along when the entire crowd of Canadians and Americans joined him during a fun song called....what else:"MAZATLÁN!"

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     With an hour of Zumba, a walk to La Catrina and back home again, and dancing to the music of Dick Damron, our Fitbit Pedometers reported that we exceeded our goal of 10,000 steps that day  BY QUITE A BIT! That's "Healthy Living in Mexico"!

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